Guide: Paid vs Free VPN

Andy Michael

Reviewed over 62+ VPNs. Specialized in network forensics, IoT and big data analytics. Former security consultant at ISC.
Andy Michael

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VPN. Those three letters that stand for a secure internet browsing experience (or Virtual Private Network, if you’re being technical).

A VPN provides privacy, so your digital business won’t be known by anyone else but you. It means security, so no one else can access the information on your computer. And, it changes your IP address, so you can appear to be in a different location than you really are.

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Guide To Save Money With VPN

James Cooper

Risk Manager of all things connected via an IP. Experienced in penetration testing and red teaming.
James Cooper

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Dynamic pricing is not just a bad nightmare, it actually exists.

While you could have a relatively cheap burger in Korea, you wouldn’t fly there just for a burger, right? However, the same thing is happening with online products and services. Prices vary by location, as people have different ranges of purchasing power. Yet, In the online world, you can change your location easily.

Yep — One double discount, please!

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