Encryption: What It’s All About

If you have been researching VPN software, you have certainly stumbled upon the word encryption. Encryption is the main security measure that computers, websites, and networks use to protect sensitive data. MIT defines encryption as: “a method of securing data by scrambling the bits of a computer’s files so that they become illegible. The only … Read more

How to Use VPN: 98+ Ways

You might already know the basics of what a VPN does, masking your IP and letting you surf the World Wide Web with a mask to rival Michael Myers. However, that is barely scratching the surface of what a VPN can do.

Here is an exhaustive list of fun things you can do armed with a strong VPN:

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VPN Services Case Study: 9/51 Won’t Respond to Your E-mails

Could you imagine waiting 94 hours for a reply? That’s what happened to us… This post is a case study on VPN services response time. We will go through the 51 most popular VPNs and reveal how long it takes to get an e-mail reply. How Long Are You Willing to Wait for an Answer? … Read more

Netflix VPN (39/53 Work)

Looking for a VPN that works with Netflix? VPN access for Netflix has, like other streaming services, allowed users to view content more securely.  In this post, we tested 53 VPNs and reveal both blocked and unblocked VPNs. VPNs That Work With Netflix (39/53) Our casual testing process was simple — buy the service, connect to … Read more

DNS Leaks (22/53 VPNs Leak Your Data)

For starters, let’s dig into the meaning of DNS – Domain Name Service. According to Stanford University DNS is the network service that maps Internet domain names to numerical IP addresses. Seems easy, right?  To put it in an analogy, it serves as a phone book for the Internet by translating human-friendly computer hostnames into IP addresses. For … Read more