My IP Address Software

My IP Address (MIPA) is a freeware standalone software for Windows made by Andy Michael. MIPA works as a third-party monitoring software to detect any potential IP leaks. It lets you see your IP location in real-time on your taskbar and automatically logs all IP changes as a .txt file. If you are suspicious about … Read more

Study: VPN in China (Only 7/51 VPNs Work)

The Internet is restricted in China. Most popular blocked websites include Google, Facebook, and more than 10,000 domain names that the Westerners are using freely. The best way to gain access to the World Wide Web is to use a VPN. However, VPNs in China are partially not available. After the government banned most of the non approved … Read more

VPN vs. Proxy – What’s the Difference?

Have you ever failed to watch your favorite Netflix show? Have you gotten frustrated when websites that you regularly use appeared in a different language or bore different information when you opened them at an airport during a layover? Content and information on the internet are not as freely available as it may seem. While this … Read more

Change IP Address: Your In-Depth Guide

Whether you are new to the Internet or a seasoned veteran, it’s good to know how to change your IP address.  Changing IP addresses is still a struggle for many. The good news is that it isn’t that difficult to change an IP address. It does, however, require a foundational knowledge of IP address methodology … Read more