Best VPN Services (2019 Update)

Private Internet Access (Popular VPN)

Private Internet Access (or PIA) labels itself as the most trusted VPN out there and for a good reason.

PIA may just be the most popular VPN for most Internet users and consistently receives top-notch reviews. In fact, Brian Nadel said on Tom’s Guide earlier in 2018 that PIA was “still the one to beat”.

The wide range of features of PIA is what makes it one of the best VPN services out there. These include, but are not limited to:

  • An above-average number of servers
  • Ad blocking
  • P2P file sharing support
  • Multiplatform and device support
  • Strong encryption
  • Servers in nearly 30 countries
  • A great stance on keeping customer information private.
  • Simple user interface

Yet customers report slow speed performance across multiple devices and so do our tests.

Some potential drawbacks to watch for include the fact that PIA is based in the US hence have limited flexibility for the specialization of usernames and reloads more than usual.

PIA offers relatively cost-effective browsing privacy for the average Internet user. Pricing starts at $2.91/month for 24 months at a time ($69.95 total), or $6.95 if you want to pay month to month.

Pros (The Good)Cons (Bad)The Ugly
+ Well-know provider– Slow speeds! Company located in 5 eyes jurisdiction
+ No-logs policy– No double hop
+ Low price– Randomly assigned username

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