Best VPN Services (2019 Update)

HotSpotShield (Popular Free/Limited VPN)

HotSpotShield is considered by many to be one of the best free VPN services available as an app and desktop software. It’s certainly a popular option with over 500 million users around the world.

According to our research HotSpotShield offers fast connection, a great user interface that is easy to use, torrenting support, and fast installation. If you are looking for a free or low-cost VPN option, this may be it.

Of course, HotSpotShield may not be the best option for those looking for full privacy, like as Ian Paul at PCMag warns. The service works more like a proxy, allowing access to many of the streaming services but lacking in terms of anonymity.

HotSpotShield offers a free version, but it is relatively limited. For instance, the free version is limited to a 500MB bandwidth cap which resets every 24 hours. For those looking for unlimited access the VPN service offers a paid version starting at $3.50/month if you sign up for 36 months at once.

Pros (The Good)Cons (Bad)The Ugly
+ Free service (limited)– Not working with Netflix! Company located in 5 eyes jurisdiction
+ Fast server speeds– No double hop
– Incompatible with routers
– Long customer service response time
– Cryptocurrencies not accepted

The Bottom Line: It’s All About Your Needs

Finding the best VPN service for your needs is all about you.

If all you’re looking for is a simple screen so that you can browse streaming services more freely, a free and basic VPN tool may do the trick.

Some users will need more complexity in the VPN. Advanced users may look for specific encryption,  a VPN kill switch, or zero bandwidth capping for P2P file sharing.

Some beginner users will be looking for the easiest to use (and cheapest!) VPN service out there. Others may want a free trial, a monthly payment plan instead of a lifetime license, or a 100% refund guarantee. Some VPN features to look for include:

      • Safety features and no DNS leaks
      • Top-notch customer support
      • A proven speed test for the VPN in action
      • A straightforward UX for use with streaming services
      • Compatibility with mobile devices
      • Low-cost or high performing VPN services.

All of these are factors that may impact what the best VPN service is for you

The bottom line is that a VPN can either create a private browsing tunnel or let you browse sites otherwise not available in your geographic location.

Take your time doing your research, reading through our in-depth reviews and capabilities of each of the top VPN services outlined above to make the best decision.

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