NordVPN Review

This is a quick review of NordVPN.

What is it for you?

We will rip NordVPN apart and see what’s inside. So before you decide which provider to choose, you know everything that separates this service from others. We are going to have an in-depth look at the company, features and more.

  • Usability testing
  • Policy Review
  • Trial and Price

So let’s get started.


NordVPN is located in “Privacy Haven” Panama.

NordVPN website in 2013

Their company TEFINCOM S.A. is located outside of Eyes jurisdiction, however, payments go trough CloudVPN Inc. which is located in the USA.

You might think, why are there two different companies? This is mainly because Panama has strict privacy laws but the USA accommodates better infrastructure for handling daily work, businesswise.

No Logging and No Leaks

Some VPNs do log your data and leak IP address. NordVPN does not.

NordVPN is a reputable provider with no logging policy. As a result, they are not able to provide your history even if you request it. More importantly, they don’t leak your IP address.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

In all, both the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy were well written and contained only stylistic/wording corrections

Privacy Policy

  • The section “Other Terms” in the Privacy Policy states in the first paragraph, “If the data is processed by a designated subsidiary in your country, then the domestic law of your country may be applicable at our discretion.” This phrase alters the protections afforded to users of the VPN service based on the subsidiaries NordVPN utilizes. This could affect the privacy of users as NordVPN applies the laws of Panama, but could foreseeable attempt to apply another.

Full version with comments:

Terms of Service

  • This Agreement had no issues with grammar or spelling. A few stylistic notes were all I had regarding the structure of the agreement.
  • The “Miscellaneous” section was the only substantive comment I had. NordVPN has their notice of updates to the Terms under the “Miscellaneous” section, where it traditionally would have its own section.

Full version:

User Interface

Their desktop application is plain simple.

Have a look yourself:

Did you see two types of kill-switch?

This is rare. One is for the Internet drop, other for application failure. Their connection time is fast, just like the overall speed.


There is also a special price on their website that beats all of them making NordVPN the cheapest high-quality VPN –

$2.75 / month for 3 years.


All popular devices are supported.
 You can connect up to 6 devices – 
  • desktop computers
  • laptops
  • smartphones
  • tablets
  • gaming consoles
  • Smart TV (Android)
  • routers

Why is it Awesome?

NordVPN has the cheapest high-quality VPN service offer for $2.75 per month.  The price makes it really attractive. Furthermore, it can be connected to 6 devices which is more than usual. We believe it is the best choice if you are price conscious customer.

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